Hot “Kill la Kill” Cosplay at Comiket 86 Edojin

The weather was so hot, I'm amazed the makeup didn't melt off my face! Glad I braved the sun to find other “Kill la Kill” cosplayers.

Osaka: Schwarz Stein, Takarazuka, drag queens, Sailor Moon café! Remiko

In the first week of July, I went to Osaka for a concert by Schwarz Stein, ZIZ, and Ken Morioka. I also took the time to stop by a drag queen bar, watch a theatre performance by Takarazuka, and look for a Sailor Moon café.

Sailor Moon's Birthday in Odaiba Remiko

To celebrate Sailor Moon's Birthday, an exclusive screening of "Sailor Moon Crystal" in Odaiba.

Schwarz Stein & Femme Fatale [VIDEO] Remiko

Schwarz Stein came back on stage, and the first performance of Kaya's new band, Femme Fatale.

Kamijo's Concert & Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014 [VIDEO] Remiko

Kamijo's first live concert with his new band, and celebrating diversity at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014.

Sakura Bits & Bytes

The cherry blossoms disappear as soon as they appear.

Hanami, Purikura, & Kanamara Festival [VIDEO] Remiko

Met friends at a hanami picnic under cherry blossom trees in Yoyogi park. The next day, went to the Kanamara festival in Kawasaki, a religious celebration of the penis.

“Kill la Kill” Studio Cosplay Edojin

Over 50 photos of our studio cosplay of "Kill la Kill" with Ryūko (Bot), Satsuki (Yuana), Mako (Saya), Aikuro (Matsu), Gamagōri (Edojin), Inumuta (Yoshihal), and Ragyo (Miyuta).

Introducing Remiko Remiko

“Hi! My name is Remiko. Nice to meet you!” And now, your reactions. Why? Why not? Seriously, “why?” Seriously, “why not?” Is this a joke? I’m a man often known by his friends for his humour and his parodies as a prankster and as an immitator, but ...

Crossing Shikahama Bits & Bytes

Late at night, back after a solitary dinner out, I entered the gates of a nearby station. The platform was deserted. Waiting for the train, I looked up the timetable. That’s when I realised I missed my ride. As I couldn’t exit the gates, and no on...