Summer Closet Remiko

The summer months of July and August each saw their own Tokyo Closet Ball, hosted by Tatianna Lee and I at Gamuso Bar in Asagaya. We showed our American colours and travelled back in the ‘80s!

Hosting Debut at Tokyo Closet Ball Remiko

Last week, I co-hosted Tokyo Closet Ball with the organiser, Tatianna Lee, introducing numerous drag queens and burlesque performers on stage. Two months prior, I interviewed some regulars on video.

“The Bloody Knockers” Feature Presentation Remiko

Watch “The Bloody Knockers”! Directed and produced by Remiko Mikazuki & Yukiro Dravarious. Follow Maraud joining Panella and Las Tetas to form a girl gang, The Bloody Knockers, and take town The Gynarchy, the evil underground organisation ruling a large city.

“The Bloody Knockers” Premiere! [VIDEO] Remiko

After a year of hard work, I’m proud to announce “The Bloody Knockers” will premiere this Saturday 31 January at Capsule Theater. UPDATE: New video of the premiere is up. Thanks to those who could make it!

Girls’ Night in Tokyo Doitsu Mura Remiko

I went out with some friends of mine in Tokyo Doitsu Mura, located in the middle of Chiba prefecture, to check out some Christmas lights.

Remiko in Harajuku on TV Tokyo! Remiko

The crew of a TV show accompanied me for a day in Harajuku and at home. Watch for me on TV Tokyo, Monday 29 December 2014, from 23:00 until 00:30, Japan time.

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Robots, planes, fabrics, and tablets at PechaKucha Night Rémi Code

Finally, I went to my first PechaKucha Night, during Tokyo Designers Week 2014 in the Meiji Jingu outer garden.