Short visit at Comiket 90

My busy weekend impairing my plans for my third day of Comiket 90 last Sunday. The original intention was to go there and write an article about it, but then realise the sites I write for actually wants news—like when I reported in French about whether or not Comiket will happen during the Olympics of 2020—not just photos of cosplayers.

That, plus me forgetting a few things about my camera, turning some of my photos into a blurry mess. I promise myself I’ll do a better reporting job at Tokyo Game Show later this year.

I could complain more about that day, but do you really care? Do you really want me to also rant about the hot humid weather? Nah. I certainly don’t need to tell you how busy Tokyo Big Sight is during that event, if you really need a reminder:

Now moving on to the reason why you’re here. Check out below photos of the place and a few cosplayers I managed to capture during my short visit on the last day of Comiket 90:

Nairu was a Pokemon trainer on the lookout for creatures to catch.
Paula incarnated her original character, Ninja Hina, and she writes about her love to ride her motorcycle.
Tidus (by Shion Kaito) and Yuna (Shion Takamura) from Final Fantasy X.
Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman from Batman vs. Superman.
From Idolmaster, Airi Totoki (by Watapachi) and Shiki Ichinose (Rise).
Maev of Fate/Grand Order by Chigoku Yuugi.
Kyoko of Madoka Magica decided to let her beard grow this time. I get that.
I still believe Tokyo Big Sight is a dormant Transformer just waiting to manifest itself one day.
Big letters for Big Sight.
The organising committee estimated 530,000 people attended the 3-day event last weekend.

See you at Tokyo Game Show 2016! I’ll be at Tokyo Big Sight again for Comiket 91 in December.

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