Culture’s School

In Japan, it is common for schools and universities to host their own culture and sports festivals during their curricular year. A good friend of mine who teaches English at an all-girls school invited me to participate at their festival earlier this month.

I never attended a school festival since I moved in this country, but it reminded me of the special event held during the last day of each semester at the Ottawa Japanese Language School (OJLS), when students and teachers of each class performed an act on stage. (As a board member of the school in the time, I was volunteering as an assistant during those days.)

It was nice to see my friend, who happens to be a vocalist for a rock band, perform on stage. We also shared some good laughs when a trio of women teachers dance do Perfume’s Chocolate Disco followed by all the men teachers doing their rendition of Bo Beep Bo Beep, originally done by the South Korean girls of the group T-ara. (Who knows? Maybe they’ll get picked up by CNN like Lotus Wang like if they were the original!)

For the curious like me, it’s also interesting to see what goes on in a Japanese school; to notice how different it is from the kind of school where I spent most of my childhood.

The cheap food was also good. That helped all of us brave the bright sun and the unexpectedly warm weather of October.

As an Acadian, which part of the programme’s cover do you think caught my attention?
Tents in the school’s backyard where food and drinks are served.
Cheap food is still food.
Welcome to the computer club! I see there are a few fans of Big Letters here.
Some artwork from the calligraphy club. Can you find a hair and tell me where it is?
Beware of giant babies. They roam in the area.
I confirmed the broom closet to be clean. It’s so clean, it brightened the photo on the right.
Sexy male teachers dancing to K-Pop like the girls do.
One of the designs done for their t-shirt design contest.

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