Visit to Akihabara with Patrick and TOKYO WAY

Thanks to TOKYO WAY, offering visitors of Tokyo to experience the metropolis in unique ways, I walked around Akihabara with a local expert on otaku culture, Patrick W. Galbraith, author of “The Moé Manifesto.”

Cosplay at Tokyo Game Show 2014

I didn't go to Tokyo Game Show for the games this year; only for the cosplay.

Hot “Kill la Kill” Cosplay at Comiket 86

The weather was so hot, I'm amazed the makeup didn't melt off my face! Glad I braved the sun to find other “Kill la Kill” cosplayers.

“Kill la Kill” Studio Cosplay

Over 50 photos of our studio cosplay of "Kill la Kill" with Ryūko (Bot), Satsuki (Yuana), Mako (Saya), Aikuro (Matsu), Gamagōri (Edojin), Inumuta (Yoshihal), and Ragyo (Miyuta).

“Kill la Kill” Cosplay at Nippombashi Street Festival 2014

On 21 March 2014, Yuana and I accompanied by a friend of ours headed to Osaka and cosplay as characters from Kill la Kill during the street festival in Nippombashi. The annual event happening on the holiday of the Spring Equinox was celebrating it...

Ira Gamagōri at Wonder Festival Winter 2014

Check out Edojin with Yuana Tojo cosplay as Ira Gamagōri and Kiryūin Satsuki from "Kill la Kill", among many other fans of the series, at Wonder Festival Winter 2014!

Angeal & Genesis En Garde

A cosplay photo session of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Featuring Edojin as Angeal and Yuana Tojo as Genesis. Angeal Hewley Genesis Rhapsodos The two 1st Class Soldiers, in charge of protecting the territory of the Shin-Ra Power Electric Compan...

Miku at the Opera

You likely not only heard of Hatsune Miku, but also heard herself, or at least you saw her signature light teal pigtails. She’s the most famous of her kind, the Vocaloids, a family of virtual singers created by a company in Hokkaido, Crypton Futur...


After I read my own advice and listened to my own thoughts, someone came to me. A short quirky lady named Yuana. It was only meant to be for lunch, but then we spent the whole day, and later, an entire year. Last week, we met for our first anniver...