Life Branches

git checkout -b

I did this on myself.

In application development, it is common to use software to help programmers
manage their source code.

One of the most used functions in source control is branching.

A developer will branch the source code from how it is currently to start
working on a new feature. The source control software will preserve both the
code currently used (some call it the trunk or the master) and the
code being worked on.

Developers in a team may work on many features on different branches at once.
When writing the code is done, it is tested and reviewed by the authors and
their peers.

If all checks out, the branch is merged into the main code, and the source
control software will do its best job to match up the bits that have been
changed, added, or deleted, with the appropriates parts of the code.

As I’ve written code for more than 10 years, I can’t help myself from applying
concepts of programming not only to software, but also to life.

“How about branching my life?,” I thought.

This is what I’m trying.

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