Long time no see!


It’s in a 50×50 terminal window on Christmas Eve of 2010 that I am writing this letter to all of you. Long ago was the last time I’ve ever written anything or called anyone back home. I have a lot to say, but I’ll keep this short.

Change was my main actor this year. I always welcomed it, but this time, I’ve let it take over the stage and play as me. Reminiscent of the blue butterfly I dreamt one night during summer, my life is morphing into something that I still don’t understand. From my simplest interests to love, everything is affected. I’m scared of what the outcome may be, but I’m also embracing it.

Last winter, a few months after my move to Japan, I was depressed during Christmas. This year is the opposite. I’m unintentionally ignoring the holiday, yet I have never been happier. Where I live and the friends that surround me contribute to this feeling.

To those back home, I’m sorry you haven’t heard of me since a while. I just wanted to let you know, despite the turbulences, that I’m busy at living, and all is well.

Happy holidays.


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