Raspberry Pi 3 now on sale

In celebration of their fourth birthday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced today the new Raspberry Pi 3.

The QUAD Core processor was upgraded to a 64-bit at 1.2 GHz, which should be faster compared to the 32-bit 900 MHz processor of the Raspberry Pi 2.

While the RAM and ports were left untouched, Wifi and Bluetooth are now built-in. Separate dongles to support those technologies are no longer necessary. This should free up some USB ports for other uses.

Comparison chart
Comparison chart of the Raspberry Pi 3 and the Raspberry Pi 2 by element14

While the Raspberry Pi 3 is not yet listed on the front page of raspberrypi.org, it can be purchased from their partners element14 and RS Components at $35 USD (the same price than the Raspberry Pi 2).