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Robots, planes, fabrics, and tablets at PechaKucha Night

Finally, I went to my first PechaKucha Night, during Tokyo Designers Week 2014 in the Meiji Jingu outer garden.

OS X Yosemite: Fixes for developers

OS X Yosemite is great, but there will be a few things developers may have to fix before getting the most of it.

Ruby on Rails: Minify HTML, CSS, & JS, and compress with gzip

Improve the speed of your pages by reducing the size of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files and compressing them using gzip before they're sent to the browser.

OS X, Homebrew, PostgreSQL: Work around false running report by launchctl

How to start PostgreSQL installed by Homebrew on OS X when launchctl says it's already running while it's not.

Rack & Ruby on Rails: Force SSL

Redirect all traffic via HTTP to HTTPS by forcing SSL connections with Rack or Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails: Manage local environment variables with dotenv

Install the dotenv gem to set and use environment variables for your Ruby on Rails app.

Ruby on Rails: Use environment variables instead of environment names

A simple alternative to changing configuration depending on environment.

OS X: Enable write support for NTFS partitions

Write files on NTFS partitions instead of just reading them.

Ruby: Nil or empty

Are you frustrated when checking for an empty value in Ruby, and always end up having to check for nil too? Have you gladly moved from PHP to Ruby but long for some flexibility in variable typing? Here's a simple method to check for both on almost any variable.