Short visit at Comiket 90

My busy weekend impairing my plans for my third day of Comiket 90 last Sunday. The original intention was to go there and write an article about it, but then realise the sites I write for actually wants news—like when I reported in French about whether or not Comiket will happen during the Olympics of 2020—not just photos of cosplayers.

That, plus me forgetting a few things about my camera, turning some of my photos into a blurry mess. I promise myself I’ll do a better reporting job at Tokyo Game Show later this year.

I could complain more about that day, but do you really care? Do you really want me to also rant about the hot humid weather? Nah. I certainly don’t need to tell you how busy Tokyo Big Sight is during that event, if you really need a reminder:

Now moving on to the reason why you’re here. Check out below photos of the place and a few cosplayers I managed to capture during my short visit on the last day of Comiket 90:

Nairu was a Pokemon trainer on the lookout for creatures to catch.
Paula incarnated her original character, Ninja Hina, and she writes about her love to ride her motorcycle.
Tidus (by Shion Kaito) and Yuna (Shion Takamura) from Final Fantasy X.
Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman from Batman vs. Superman.
From Idolmaster, Airi Totoki (by Watapachi) and Shiki Ichinose (Rise).
Maev of Fate/Grand Order by Chigoku Yuugi.
Kyoko of Madoka Magica decided to let her beard grow this time. I get that.
I still believe Tokyo Big Sight is a dormant Transformer just waiting to manifest itself one day.
Big letters for Big Sight.
The organising committee estimated 530,000 people attended the 3-day event last weekend.

See you at Tokyo Game Show 2016! I’ll be at Tokyo Big Sight again for Comiket 91 in December.

Playing Super Mario Maker with a live orchestra

What’s better than playing Super Mario Maker? Playing Super Mario Maker while having an orchestra perform the soundtrack for you, of course!

In a cute attempt of recreating the experience of playing the Wii U game in a living room, if your living room happened to have a giant projector screen and a stage dedicated to musicians and a concertmaster, L’Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo (Orchestra of Video Games) in Montreal, or OJV for short, accompanied a gamer playing one of the levels by GiantBomb.

As any game soundtrack would, the orchestra changed their matched their melodies to the events happened in the game, e.g. when Mario fell of a cliff and cleared a level.

Be sure to check the other performances by the orchestra, like their Super Mario Bros. medley, if you’re now in a Mario mood.


Patrick Stewart is the bad guy in “Green Room”

You hear Patrick Stewart, and the first image you get is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation, or Professor Charles Xavier of X-Men. Both his characters often has a calm demeanour, a strong mind, with a good will making them great peaceful leaders and excellent mediators between parties that don’t agree with each other.

Naturally, you’re curious when you learn Patrick Stewart will take a new role in an upcoming movie, as you can see in the trailer below:

Then, you’re told he’ll play the leader of a group of white supremacists in a thriller. “Huh…”

Not that I’m worried he won’t be able to do an excellent performance. Only intrigued to see Sir Stewart be the bad guy. Besides, that’s not his first time to be the antagonist. Let’s just hope it won’t like Lifeforce (1985):

Green Room has been screened at various film festivals throughout the world since last year, and will be in theatres for the general public in the coming months. Well, in the UK and the US, at least. In Japan, nobody knows.

Realistic visuals of Tokyo in “The Garden of Words” resurface

The Garden of Words (Koto no Ha no Niwa, 2013) is an anime masterpiece with remarkable realistic visuals. The trailer will show you how rich and artistic the movie is and you’ll be begging to watch the entire movie:

The story takes place in the Meiji Jingu Gaien, or in other words, the outer precinct of the Meiji Shrine. The area is one of the rare large green spaces in Tokyo, and the house of various sports facilities, stadiums, and a memorial hall.

Montages comparing stills from the movie with photos of the actual locations were posted anonymously on a Korean forum soon after the theatrical release. After the film’s television broadcast earlier this month on the NHK, those images resurfaced and regained their much-deserved attention:

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This quality is expected by the production studio, CoMix Wave Films, well known to pay great attention to details in the photographs of actual locations they use for reference.

If watching The Garden of Words is not enough, you’ll also want to see 5 Centimeters Per Second (Byōsoku 5 Senchimētoru, 2007). Their next feature-length animation, Your Name (Kimi no Na ha) is scheduled for release in Japan this August.

8-bit NES games turned into 3D

As graphics in video games have improved over the years, how would it be if we brought some of those advances, turning our old NES favourites into 3D? That’s what 3DNES tries to do.

No need to install the beta of this emulator—it runs directly in a Web browser. It was written using Unity and currently runs only in Firefox. The algorithm in the software will do its best to convert the look of any game in the ROM you legally obtained at the URL you specify into a 3D environment which you can rotate and zoom. Ars Technica wrote some details about how the emulator does its thing.

Like any software in development, it’s buggy and it’s not perfect, but it’s still pretty cool. If you’re using Firefox, try it out!