Funky uptime

At SUSECon 2015, the SUSE Linux team released their parodies of songs that will make you dance, sing, and perhaps install SUSE Linux.

Following the release of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars last year is the first parody by the SUSE Linux, Uptime Funk:

If this wasn’t good enough, watch their rendition of Sugar by Maroon 5, SUSE, Yes Please:

Last, but not least, if your a fan of the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis and their song The Fox, you’ll love What Does the Chameleon Say?Continue reading “Funky uptime”

Teens try Windows 95, adults feel old

Remember the Fine Brothers? Hahaha… Anyway…

Remember Windows 95? How Microsoft successfully did their best to turn every PC into a Macintosh?

The Start button, the dozen of floppies to swap during installation, the odd bonus clips, the movie trailer, and the music video you had on the CD-ROM version, the faulty drivers, the blue screens, the endless number of OEM versions with varied USB support, the extra Plus!… Continue reading “Teens try Windows 95, adults feel old”