Ruby on Rails 3 with Salesforce: Conclusion

Rails with Salesforce

Don’t do it.

If you even think about doing it, you’re nuts.

This summarises the conclusion of an article I wrote half a year ago about my attempt to use Salesforce as the primary database for Ruby on Rails.

In details, just before I wrote the previous article, our boss insisted that we use the information we store in a database at Salesforce to run our application made with Ruby on Rails.

I thought he wanted our application to connect to Salesforce only to get the data we need, or to sync a copy of the data present there with our database running on PostgreSQL.… Continue reading “Ruby on Rails 3 with Salesforce: Conclusion”

Ruby on Rails 3 with Salesforce’s

Rails with Salesforce

This article is the first part of two: read the conclusion.

During my many years as a Web developer, I’ve worked with a variety of different technologies, languages, applications, and backends, all stacked in many different ways. There are stacks that are similar to each other, and some that are custom made for a certain application. The later is always a challenge, as rarely any other one walked down the same path and reported their findings.

My boss at work loves Salesforce.… Continue reading “Ruby on Rails 3 with Salesforce’s”