Tokyo Game Show 2016 to feature new specialised areas for VR and AI

On February 23, the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) and Nikkei Business Publications (Nikkei BP) released details (in Japanese) about the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016 on September, celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Themed “Entertainment changes. Future changes.” (『エンターテインメントが変わる。未来が変わる。』), the annual event gathering gaming developers, publishers, and players will feature new areas specialised in virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Set-top boxes and new platforms will also have their new dedicated space, and the section featuring sports titles will be renewed.

There will also be some changes with international gaming schools booths, as there will be zones devoted to students from Eastern Europe as well as Latin America to display their work.… Continue reading “Tokyo Game Show 2016 to feature new specialised areas for VR and AI”

Waiting Game: Tokyo Game Show 2012

After my first cosplay at Comiket 82, I guess it was no surprise to have fellow cosplayer friends ask me to join them at Tokyo Game Show. As I didn’t expect to have any costume in preparation ready by then, and could hardly justify being an anime character like Miketsukami at a gaming event, I said I’ll gladly go take photos of them, but I won’t be able to dress up at the event this year.

Although this excuse might have been reasonable, my next statement was stupid: “At least, not wearing a costume will allow me to play more games.”… Continue reading “Waiting Game: Tokyo Game Show 2012”