Tokyo Institute of Technologeeks

Rémi with Miku.

The day after I attended the culture festival at an all-girls school, a photographer and friend of mine, Fernando, invited me to another festival at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TITech… I know), where he has a few acquaintances. So, I hopped to their campus near Ookamachi station for university-style greatness!

The academy is not only reputed for the quality of education in various fields of technology, but it is also known for its high concentration of otaku that we all appreciate for their tenacity to squeeze in a Vocaloid or two in their scientific projects.

My friend and I failed to locate their anime club, but after braving the hallucinatory prettiness of the college girls at the food stands while filling our bellies with beer, chicken, waffles, and chocolate bananas, we ended up at no other place than their cosplay café. (Okay. I asked to go there.)

Mathematical formulæ for punching a black hole in the fabric of space. Right?
Students at TITech are developing Tsubame, a tiny satellite to be launched in space later this year.
Students at TITech are also developing tacos. The taste was quite decent, despite the weak spiciness.
Students at TITech are not developing beer, so the best I could do is buy some Thai lager on sale at one of the food tents.
Fernando is blazing through the campus, whacking people on their heads and racing a car among the crowd. I recorded the events for evidence. Such rage!
Girl with purple cat paws. Makes no sense, but I bet you wouldn’t mind her keeping you company.
Kyubey is asking Nyaruko to sign a contract. Not sure this was a good idea.
Luka and Miku will sign a duet for us tonight. Be sure to press the buttons at the right time.
Nyaruko will join Luka as a new Vocaloid.
I greeted her…
…and this is how Black Rock Shooter introduced herself.
As the sun sets, I can rest knowing we saved another day from nothing.

Thanks go to the cosplayers who let me do my Dutch angel of them. Photos by myself and Fernando Ramos, a.k.a. Mr. Outside.