What 2011 Was


Back to work this morning.

It’s usual for companies in Japan to give a few days off before and after New Year’s Day for a break in the winter, bridging from the past year onto the new. Since I was off until yesterday, despite today being the 5th day of the year, only when resuming my work feels like we began 2012.

I wanted to write a long retrospect, but I won’t. Clearly, last year, I wrote too much. I’m tired of that.

2011 started with the end of my first long relationship with a woman.  Then, it was the end of one of the best jobs I ever had. These events both happened shortly before the great earthquake of March.

Following those times, moved from Saitama to Tokyo, found a new job, and, after dating a few interesting ladies, got a new girlfriend. Also, I finally got my visa to stay longer in Japan. No more doubt — I can stay.

It was a challenging years, with many ups and downs. Fortunately, the sweet times I’ve had in the last month covered the bitter aftertaste of the times behind. I’m glad things thereupon are looking a bit more stable. Thanks to my relatives and friends who supported me.

A toast to change…

Happy 2012.

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